Stop The Hop On You & Your Pup

Hotter weather = pest fest. Stop The Hop on your pup by using Simply Fresh. Our signature blend of essential oils includes neem, cedar wood and peppermint which are all natural pest repellents. And, the light, clean scent from bergamot, geranium and others botanicals will make you happier to have your dog in your car or tent if you've got a camping weekend planned! 

Try spraying your pant legs and socks with Simply Fresh to keep unwanted pests off you, too.  

Note: as far as I know, none of our essential oils (or any other "natural" product) will actually kill pests but they discourage them from jumping on you. So, especially for ticks, it's critical to check your dog, your kids, your hiking partner and yourself every time you come inside. Ticks are sneaky little bastards - repel as many as you can and then zero in on any that got past: How to remove a tick. 

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