Eliminate Plastic Bags!

If you’re concerned about health issues for animals like I am, you may also share my worries about eco-health, you have likely seen posts/news about the danger of plastics in our waterways including our oceans. Some towns/cities have banned single-use plastic bags. 
As likely as it is to use reusable bags for groceries and the like, it’s not often easy to get folks to stop using plastic bags for dog poop. We are have found a company that makes a biodegradable, compostable doggy waste bag - and they are expanding their product line which is truly “green.” BioDogradable. Yes, they are more expensive - you can do what we did - buy some of these bags and use your others, too. Change can start with small steps. 
We use them in our businesses: Eco Dog Care Los Angeles and Eco Dog Care Products and fully recommend them. (I don’t own or have any financial stake in BioDogradeable bags, I just believe. 💚)

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