Top Dog Tips gives us the paws up

Top Dog Tips has an enormous database of product reviews and pragmatic advice about dog care. We were pleased that they reviewed our toxin-free products including this comment about Simply Fresh which is both a between-baths freshening spray and an all-natural pest repellent. 

"Eco Dog Care also adds cedar and geranium as natural flea and tick repellents. We use a topical treatment on our dogs as well. It’s all natural and our vet told us we should boost its effectiveness with an all-natural spray if we’re going for a hike or camping. I like that this freshening spray incorporates the natural treatment that I was already using and adds more benefits, like a shiny and healthy coat, as well."

You can also view this video clip review of our newest product, Simply Clean Anti-Itch which we created based on customer feedback during Green Festivals in LA and NYC. 

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