Up to your elbows in carcinogens? Yikes. No.

Up to your elbows in carcinogens? Yikes. No.

The whole topic of toxins can sometimes be overwhelming so let me give you an overview of which ingredients - commonly found in other dog grooming products -- that we choose NOT to use and why. Some reasons are simple and clear - chemical lathering agents (surfactants) can strip skin of healthy oil and set up itchiness and possibly infections. Other reasons - possible links between these ingredients and cancer - are more complicated and tough to prove conclusively.

So here goes...

DEA is derived from healthy coconut oil...yay... but.... has been processed and refined with harsh chemicals. Its function in cosmetics/grooming products is to generate lather and foam. It can be pretty strong stuff that can dry out skin and cause itchiness and, worse, set up infections. Instead of using DEA, we chose a plant-based cleanser that gently yet thoroughly cleans your dog's skin and coat. 

SLS - sodium laureth/laurel sulfates are also used in a lot of products for the same reason - foam. We've all be trained by decades of marketing to thinking that bubbles=clean. Nope, they don't. We've used our Simply Clean shampoo for the past 5 years in our very busy business in LA and would have been out of business if it didn't clean all sizes, shapes and types of dogs. SLS is a surfactant like DEA and can be harsh and drying on the skin. At best, it's uncomfortably itchy for your pup and, at worst, it can lead to open sores (from scratching) and possible infection. Our shampoo uses healthy botanicals to wash your dog - it doesn't have lots of bubbles, but it's safe and works great. (And the run-off won't pollute groundwater.) 

Phthalates - which can help extend the life of fragrance in a product - are tightly regulated in the EU and Canadian markets because they're thought to be endocrine disruptors and dangerous for women of child-bearing age. (I'm way past that but I don't really like shampoo to mess with my endocrines or anything else in my body when I have a choice.) Our products are infused with rich essential oils with fresh, unique fragrances so your pup, your car, your couch and your bed will smell yummy.  

Parabens - used to kill bacteria and fungus - are trickier to understand in terms of risk. But, there are people connecting the dots between parabens and cancer so we don't understand why it would be worth the risk for clean hair. We chose olive oil squalane, a vegan ingredient, as our preservative. 

Our goal is to offer you products that work well and that reduce or eliminate risks to your dog and to you. Why would you worry about your safety? Well, just like us, you're probably the one bathing your dog so you don't need to be up to your elbows in synthetic bubbles and damaging chemicals. We chose healthy ingredients that work well for you and your dog.    

We chose healthy ingredients that work well for you and your dog.  Please send me a note at ecodogcare@gmail.com if you have any follow-up questions or comments. Thank you. Jane  


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