Why care about parabens in dog shampoo?

You've probably seen "paraben free" on cosmetics, cleansers,  and other personal care items. (Parabens are synthetic compounds that act as preservatives.) You may have even read why people are worried about parabens: there may be links between breast cancer and parabens because they are considered "endocrine disruptors." (The University of California at Berkeley raised concerns in a study issued in Fall of 2015.) 

So...why does this matter to us? Why do we care whether our products are paraben-free?'s our hands and arms that are up to our elbows in dog shampoo when giving our dogs a bath. (Just like yours.) Dog grooming products may not be considered personal care items but they might as well be given the amount of skin contact. 

Yep, we know your exposure is pretty limited - you don't wash your dogs as much as you wash your own hair but dog groomers do. And yep, we know the data is still in development. But, why would we take the chance? So we opt for a paraben-free formula. So go ahead, wash your pup with one less worry....if you can catch & corral them into the tub. (My 19yr old Abby is still too fast...)

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