Green From The Start

In 2009, my sister Karen & I ditched corporate jobs and opened Eco Dog Care in Los Angeles offering cage-free care, self-wash & baths. I was the researcher-in-charge which means my dogs, Abby & Chas got a lot of baths and grooming as we tried to figure out what we wanted to use for dogs in our care. 

I was not psyched to find labels with meaningless or missing info and what looked like toxic ingredients. I scuba dive so am very aware of the impact of pollution on groundwater and the health of our waterways. We're both very committed to using plant-based ingredients and products for our own health and because of the environmental impacts. It didn't take long to figure out that we needed to develop our own formulas. 

Simply Clean Classic shampoo was our first and was quickly followed by Simply Fresh Body Spray+. We opened up in February of 2011 and introduced the dog-loving community to our services and products. It was pretty scary - one of those "if you build it, will they come?" moments. People doing self-wash were a little skeptical about the whole low suds & bubbles thing. We don't use additives like SLS/SLES or DEA to pump up soapy foam - that's marketing not science. (The big manufacturers know that synthetic chemicals are cheaper so the level of bubbles in your hand or tub became the "standard" for clean. )

Fortunately, it did not take those early customers very long to realize that Nature delivers - in fact, Karen and I figured that we've had 20,000 baths given/taken in the past 10 years. And since a person was right in the middle of all those baths, we also felt good that our products don't have parabens or phthalates. I know that the link between these additives and endocrine disruption, cancer, and other illness may not be scientifically proven. But why would we take the risk for dog, people or the earth's groundwater? We look at each ingredient for our products with the same eye - how well does it perform and is it a risk to any of these 3?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a database (Skin Deep) that evaluates products and ingredients for the human personal care industry. We check each of our ingredients against this database, too. If they ever open up the certification to dog personal care products, we'll be first in line. You'll see that we list each of our ingredients on our product labels and I've grouped them so you have a sense of why we believe they benefit your dog's skin and coat.

Since 2014, our business is a certified Green America Business; we make it a practice to review all of our operations and practices and incorporate green choices whenever we can. We now work with a printer that uses vegetable dyes and have done small projects with another who offers fully vegan solutions. We're testing out packing materials that are 100% free of plastics - just ordered (Oct '20) shipping tape from NetZero and have fingers crossed. And just recently we added Sendle shipping services to our options because they are actively committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their business. 

Thank you for considering our family's products to care for yours. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas please send me a note at - We'd love to feature your dog on our IG stream - please tag us #ecodogcare.     

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