About Us

In 2011, my sister Karen & I opened Eco Dog Care in Los Angeles offering neighborhood pet parents cage-free care, self-wash, & baths. But, we couldn't find a shampoo that was healthy enough for our dogs and theirs.

We knew that Nature had time-tested solutions so we formulated our own conditioning shampoo - Simply Clean Classic - with plant-based ingredients to clean, soften & moisturize -- and naturally repel pests like fleas & ticks. It was so popular with our clients that we expanded our line to include Simply Fresh Body Spray, an in-between baths solution. It leaves your dog's coat with a huggable scent, moisturizes for easier brushing...and naturally repels pests without toxins. (Tip: a spritz or 3 of Simply Fresh is great if guests are 30 minutes away, and you can't possibly trick your dog into the tub.)

Some of the people we met during demos told us about their dog's itchy, dry skin so we developed an enriched shampoo just for them (Simply Clean Calm). More customer feedback led to our grooming spray (Simply Silky) to smooth tangles for dogs with longer coats, a conditioner for dogs with a thick or coarse coat (Simply Shine), an alcohol-free ear cleanser (Simply Gentle) and a soothing spray to ease hot spots from environmental allergens (Simply Cool).

Each of these products is enriched with select natural ingredients that contribute to your dog's health & wellness. Our products have zero alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, DEA, harsh detergents, synthetic colors or fragrance. You might notice that our shampoos don't create lots of foamy bubbles but you'll likely forget that when you feel how clean, soft, and huggable your dog is after their bath. You'll also feel good that our products are safe for your skin and for the planet. 

Thank you for considering our family's products to care for yours. If you have any questions, send us a note at - ecodogcare@gmail.com We'd love to feature your dog on our IG & FB streams - email or tag us #ecodogcare  - Jane, Karen, & Alan (well he did marry into the whole family)

We are active supporters of rescues, donating or deeply discounting services and products. Your purchase supports our Buy Good, Do Good program so we can help dogs find forever homes. Thank you.

Some of our wonderful dogs: