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Love all their products!! They have great customer service!! They care about their customers!

Fresh clean scent

I first bought Simply Clean-Classic Shampoo from a boutique dog store in town. It makes my dog smell fresh and the his long coat soft. When I ran out, I bought 2 bottles (one for my sister as she liked how it smelled on my dog) directly from their site. They delivered it at my door step the next day. Great product and fast delivery. Would reccomend to all pet owners.

Simply Delightful

My three girls, while tiny, really appreciate your spray. I appreciate it more!

Simply Shine Deep Conditioner For Optimal Shine & Softness
Rodney Lee (Santa Barbara, California)
Silky Smooth & Soft!

We use the Shine conditioner right after the Clean shampoo when giving our shih-tzu mix her bath, and her coat comes out silky smooth & soft. We often get comments on how soft her fur feels.

Simply Clean-Calm Shampoo (Dry, Sensitive Skin Care)
Peggy Ford (Hot Springs Village, Arkansas)
Very gentle shampoo

My Shih Tzu has itchy skin and this shampoo is gentle on her skin and it has a wonderful fragrance too

Simply Cool Soothing Spray For Itchies, Owies & Hot Spots
Peggy Ford (Hot Springs Village, Arkansas)
Great on Hot Spots

My Shih Tzu has skin allergies and she is itching all the time. It's worse during the hot/humid summers in the South. This sooths and helps with the itching. Great fragrance too.

Simply Silky Grooming Spray For Wet or Dry Detangling
Peggy Ford (Hot Springs Village, Arkansas)
Good Grooming Spray

I am using on my Shih Tzu who I keep in a long coat. She really mats up each day especially underneath near her belly and under legs. This spray is helping with that problem and has a wonderful fragrance too.

Simply Shine Deep Conditioner For Optimal Shine & Softness
Peggy Ford (Hot Springs Village, Arkansas)
Great Conditioner

I love the fact that it is natural with no harmful ingredients. Love the fragrance and it does condition my Shih Tzu's long coat.

Love it

Such a clean smell. Nothing toxic for me or my dogs.

Love Detangling Spray

My rough coat St Bernard and I are very pleased with this detangling spray! Brushing is so much easier for both of us when using this product! Big Thanks from Tucker and I!

Simply Fresh Body Spray For Huggable Scent & Softness - Fast
Danielle Barragan (Los Angeles, California)
Simply Fresh Body Spray

I love this product for my Belgian Malinois. I have used this product since I received a sample size in her puppy package. The scent is not to strong, smells good! It keeps her fur shiny and healthy looking. I always spray her underside including tail before we go hiking.

The one for me..

I was looking for a more “natural“ ear cleaning product than most of what is on the market. And I particularly did not want one with a heavy perfume smell. I have tried many of these over the years & found the scents very strong and offensive. And since they eminate from inside ear canal, unlike a perfume applied to the skin so that it's exposed to the air, the perfume smell lasts a long time.

I just don't trust the safety of synthetic chemicals in the added perfume; not for me & surely not for my pets.

The Simply Gentle scents don't come from synthetic sources & are not overwhelming.

This product works as well, and often better, than the ear cleaners purchased over the years from veterinarians and online.

I highly recommend Simply Gentle ear cleanser.

Simply Shine Deep Conditioner For Optimal Shine & Softness
Elizabeth Clarke (Somerville, New Jersey)
The best shampoo Ina and Rusty feel and smell delicious after their baths

I have been using the Shampoo and conditioning since it hit the market. I cannot and will not use any other brand.

Simply Clean-Calm Shampoo (Dry, Sensitive Skin Care)
Brittany Brunelle (Standish, Maine)
Simply Clean Calm Shampoo

Our two labs hate their bath time but this shampoo leaves their coat shiny & looking healthy, while also making them smell great. We love this product

Great product!

I needed a conditioner that was natural and after her bath her coat was super soft and brushed out smooth. Thank you!

Simply Silky Grooming Spray For Wet or Dry Detangling
Cathy Jackson (Apalachin, New York)

Smells wonderful! I have a yorkie abs she needed help with snarls and it worked great! I tried it on me!

Simply Silky Detangling Spray

This is my first purchase from you and am simply impressed, very impressed by the quality of ingredients and how it conditions the coat of our husky, Mila.
She cooperates with combing and brushing like never before. The scent is delightful and her coat looks and feels wonderful. I loved the packaging, you can tell you take pride in your company.
You have faithful customers here and will purchase the shampoo and conditioner later.
So happy we found an eco friendly company like yours. Keep up the great work!

A must have!!

I’ve been using this product for my chihuahua who loves to roll around in the grass all the time. The Simply Fresh body spray is so gentle for my pup and smells amazing! It’s almost as if he never rolled around in anything! You can’t go wrong with this product!!

Awesome spray

I found this spray at a farmer’s market a few years ago and have been buying it ever since. I recommend it to all of my fellow dog owners. It smells so good and lasts a while. I love that it’s natural. Thank you!!

Simply Clean-Calm Shampoo (Dry, Sensitive Skin Care)
Catherine (Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina)
Simply Clean Calm Shampoo-Simply Great

Simply Clean Calm shampoo is the only shampoo I have used on my rhodesian ridgeback that didn't give her dry , flaky skin. The calming scent also helps her tolerate the dreaded bath and I really like it, too. Also love that there are no nasty ingredients.


We recently discovered Simply Fresh. We use it on our three dogs and two strays. It works great against mosquitos and it smell good! We are going through a mosquito infestation here on the Texas Gulf Coast. Yet, our dogs are able to enjoy the outdoors without being bitten. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Awesome product!

I use this on my newfie pup after a swim or bath or just to freshen him up with a good brushing! Smells great and makes him easier to brush!

11/10 would recommend!

Works fantastic!! Smells so good and leaves my newfie pup feeling so soft! Love that this product is all natural, better for my puppy AND the planet!

Relief from crying!

Charlie, a Tibetan Spaniel mix, is 17 and has what the vet calls "old man" bumps and cysts mainly on his back. Several of them were so painful that he yipped and cried several times during the night - over several nights - trying to get at them. It was heartbreaking to hear him yelp & whine.

We tried Benedryl (orally) and French Clay powder (topically) but it didn't help him. Bathing him in Simply Clean Calm every 2 weeks and letting it stay on his skin for 5 or so minutes did alleviate the smell and the excessive flaking. But still he cried out though we couldn't see specifically which cysts were causing him pain.

Not sure why we didn't think of it sooner, but we finally tried Simply Cool and it made all the difference. We sprayed him all over his back and up the back of his neck behind his ears --> No more whimpering and yipping! It's been several days. We are so relieved.

Simply Silky Grooming Spray For Wet or Dry Detangling
Lee Kemp (Los Angeles, California)
Silky spray

I just bought my first Silky. Ollie gets tangled with his long hair and hates me to brush him.
I sprayed him all over and couldn't believe that he let me brush him afterwards.
He looks so much better and also smelled so good.