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We recently discovered Simply Fresh. We use it on our three dogs and two strays. It works great against mosquitos and it smell good! We are going through a mosquito infestation here on the Texas Gulf Coast. Yet, our dogs are able to enjoy the outdoors without being bitten. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Awesome product!

I use this on my newfie pup after a swim or bath or just to freshen him up with a good brushing! Smells great and makes him easier to brush!

11/10 would recommend!

Works fantastic!! Smells so good and leaves my newfie pup feeling so soft! Love that this product is all natural, better for my puppy AND the planet!

Relief from crying!

Charlie, a Tibetan Spaniel mix, is 17 and has what the vet calls "old man" bumps and cysts mainly on his back. Several of them were so painful that he yipped and cried several times during the night - over several nights - trying to get at them. It was heartbreaking to hear him yelp & whine.

We tried Benedryl (orally) and French Clay powder (topically) but it didn't help him. Bathing him in Simply Clean Calm every 2 weeks and letting it stay on his skin for 5 or so minutes did alleviate the smell and the excessive flaking. But still he cried out though we couldn't see specifically which cysts were causing him pain.

Not sure why we didn't think of it sooner, but we finally tried Simply Cool and it made all the difference. We sprayed him all over his back and up the back of his neck behind his ears --> No more whimpering and yipping! It's been several days. We are so relieved.

Silky spray

I just bought my first Silky. Ollie gets tangled with his long hair and hates me to brush him.
I sprayed him all over and couldn't believe that he let me brush him afterwards.
He looks so much better and also smelled so good.

Quality product!

This spray works well between baths & keeps my little shih-tzu mix rescue nice & fresh smelling. It's lavender scent is similar to the the shampoo scent of the same brand. I've even bought it for my mom's Shih-tzu rescue & she loves it too!

Love your products!

Love the body spray, shampoo and conditioner!! Makes our dog smell so good!!
Thank you!!

Impressed My Groomer!

I bought the Classic shampoo due to numerous recommendations from a natural dog Facebook group. I had my groomer use it on all 4 of my dogs. She was so impressed with how shiny their coats were and how good they smelled. I agree 100%.
I liked it so much I decided to try all of their products. I made a mistake when ordering and emailed Ecodogcare. Jane responded right away and was so friendly and helpful.
Great products and great customer care!

Absolutely love

This is the best product I have found out here that refreshes and removes that outdoor smell from being in the sun or those sunny windy day walks.
It leaves this fresh clean smell. I use it on my pups Max and Buddy and leaves that after bath smell.
Just as it says, use it between baths to keep that smelling fresh.

Smelling so clean and fresh!

I LOVE this body spray! Definitely helps with the dog smell in between bath time. Super easy to use too!! Just lightly sprayed it on and brushed them. Plus- huge bonus it is made with all clean and natural ingredients. Something as a dog mamma you can feel good about.

This is the best conditioner

This is the best conditioner I've ever used on my dogs. It smells AMAZING!

Thank you so much Liz for sharing your opinion of Shine. I hope you, your family and your beloved pack of 'littles' are all well! - Jane

Great Shampoo

I’ve tried a lot of different shampoos for my sensitive skinned French Bulldog. This shampoo has yield the best results, not only does he feel soft and silky, he smells great too.

I am so glad that you liked Calm, Emmalee. Thank you very much for your kind words. Give your pup a hug from us. Jane

Very strong fragrance

This product seems to work well on doggy odors, but the fragrance is very strong and a bit overwhelming. I would like to use this product more often, but am deterred by the scent, which would be pleasant in a less aggressive concentration.

Janna - I am sorry you didn’t care for our scent. We promise 100% satisfaction so will refund you for your purchase. Would you please send me an email so I’m certain to get all the details right. Thanks - Jane


Amazing ingredients that make an amazing dog shampoo.... Just used it on my Australian Shepherd for the first time and now that the wet dog smell phase has passed...she is all clean and softer than ever. Thank you for making a dog shampoo I feel good about using on my baby.

Ellie - Thank you! I am so glad you liked our shampoo & appreciate the ingredients as much as we do. Have a terrific holiday season with your loved ones. Best - Jane

The best product around!

We have a lab who is attracted to mud and being as dirty as possible. This product makes him smell so nice and his coat is so soft! We love this product

Thank you so much for the kind words, Brittany. Give Swilly a big hug :heart:️

Love all the products!! Smell

Love all the products!! Smell wonderful and work well!

Yay! Thank you so much Kathy. Jane

Eco Dog Care are the best products on the market!

Eco Dog Care products like the "Simply Clean Calm - For Itchy Skin" is one of the best products on the market! We have a west highland white terrier "westie" that is prone to itchy skin. When she has a flare-up, we immediately start using "Simply Clean Calm." It works like magic. Oh, and the best part... The smell of this shampoo is out of this world. So calming. Thank You!!

So glad, Kelly, to hear how much you like our Simply Clean Calm formula. It makes us so happy that your pup gets relief from itchiness and that you love the scent of the essential oils we selected. Thank you so much for sharing your review! :heart:️

Love this shampoo!

I LOVE this shampoo! It gives our dog a nice scent that makes him ever so cuddle-able <3
A little bit goes a long way, so the bottle has lasted in our household a long time!

Jackie - thank you! So glad you liked our Classic formula - and that your dog gets even more hugs. :) Jane

Great Dog Shampoo

I can't say my dogs like bath time any better, but I love the smell & how well it cleans & rinses. Plus, it leaves them with a really subtle scent that makes you want to hug them all the more.

More hugs is our goal! So glad you liked our Classic shampoo. And my sister &amp; I really appreciate you taking the time to share your review. Thank you. Jane

Great Fragrance

I love the Fresh Body Spray. Juse a light spritizing on My dog and he smells soooo good.
Thank You soooo much ! ! ! !

Thank you so much for your kind words! Really happy that it worked for Jackson &amp; Juno. My sister and I also appreciated your supportive posts on our IG stream as well. :heart:️


I have used lots of similar products - I can tell you with authority - this ROCKS! It lasts a long time on my St. Bernard and we are all grateful!

Sheri - so psyched you like Fresh! Thanks very much for trying our signature body spray and for giving it the ROCKS review! We know it’s tough to talk our own long-haired, fuzz ball into her bath so def understood the need for a long-lasting freshening spray. Best - Jane


Love it! Great smell and soft fur!~

Sheri - thank you! So glad you liked our Calm shampoo. I’d love to see/share a pic of your dog(s). Please post on ig and tag us (ecodogcare)!
Thanks for starting our year with a smile - Jane

Best Products Ever!

These are the absolute best products I've ever used on my dogs. Usually, when something smells this magical- it's probably full of perfumes and/or chemicals. In this case, it's totally vegan, organic, and natural. Also- the new packaging is great!

Thank you David! So glad you like our products and our new labels. If ypu get a moment, we’d love to see a pic of your pup! Send it to email or tag us on IG #ecodogcare :green_heart: Jane

The shampoo and conditioner and

The shampoo and conditioner and spray is amazing!!! The smell is so fresh smelling which keeps my dog smelling fresh longer!! This stuff actually keeps the bugs off of my dog!!!

Kathy - so glad to hear you like our products! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with other pet lovers. Jane

Best shampoo on the market!

We have a lab who loves to roll on anything that smells bad and this shampoo leaves his coat shiny and smelling wonderful! We will be a customer for life

Brittany - I know that dogs (especially labs) are always gonna find the stinky stuff so glad we could help! Thank you! Jane