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Impressed My Groomer!
Absolutely love
Smelling so clean and fresh!
This is the best conditioner
Thank you so much Liz for sharing your opinion of Shine. I hope you, your family and your beloved pack of 'littles' are all well! - Jane
Great Shampoo
I am so glad that you liked Calm, Emmalee. Thank you very much for your kind words. Give your pup a hug from us. Jane
Very strong fragrance
Janna - I am sorry you didn’t care for our scent. We promise 100% satisfaction so will refund you for your purchase. Would you please send me an email so I’m certain to get all the details right. Thanks - Jane
Ellie - Thank you! I am so glad you liked our shampoo & appreciate the ingredients as much as we do. Have a terrific holiday season with your loved ones. Best - Jane
The best product around!
Thank you so much for the kind words, Brittany. Give Swilly a big hug :heart:️
Love all the products!! Smell
Yay! Thank you so much Kathy. Jane
Eco Dog Care are the best products on the market!
So glad, Kelly, to hear how much you like our Simply Clean Calm formula. It makes us so happy that your pup gets relief from itchiness and that you love the scent of the essential oils we selected. Thank you so much for sharing your review! :heart:️
Love this shampoo!
Jackie - thank you! So glad you liked our Classic formula - and that your dog gets even more hugs. :) Jane
Great Dog Shampoo
More hugs is our goal! So glad you liked our Classic shampoo. And my sister & I really appreciate you taking the time to share your review. Thank you. Jane
Great Fragrance
Thank you so much for your kind words! Really happy that it worked for Jackson & Juno. My sister and I also appreciated your supportive posts on our IG stream as well. :heart:️
Sheri - so psyched you like Fresh! Thanks very much for trying our signature body spray and for giving it the ROCKS review! We know it’s tough to talk our own long-haired, fuzz ball into her bath so def understood the need for a long-lasting freshening spray. Best - Jane
Sheri - thank you! So glad you liked our Calm shampoo. I’d love to see/share a pic of your dog(s). Please post on ig and tag us (ecodogcare)! Thanks for starting our year with a smile - Jane
Best Products Ever!
Thank you David! So glad you like our products and our new labels. If ypu get a moment, we’d love to see a pic of your pup! Send it to email or tag us on IG #ecodogcare :green_heart: Jane
The shampoo and conditioner and
Kathy - so glad to hear you like our products! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with other pet lovers. Jane
Best shampoo on the market!
Brittany - I know that dogs (especially labs) are always gonna find the stinky stuff so glad we could help! Thank you! Jane
Simply Clean
Tara - thank you so much for taking the time to share your view of our Simply Clean shampoo. I am so pleased you liked it! If you can, please send me a pic of your dog to or tag us on Instagram #ecodogcare Best - Jane
Awesome stuff!
So glad you liked our Simply Shiny conditioner, Jill! If you have a moment, please tag #ecodogcare on ig so we can see your adorable dog! Best - Jane [ecodogcare](
Love these products!
Thank you so much for the kind words :green_heart: (and quite a few people tell us they use Simply Fresh themselves! I wouldn’t recommend Simpy Clean for people’s hair bc the pH isn’t right.)
Loved it!
Hooray! Thanks so much for letting us know Bertha - really glad you like our Clean shampoo. Jane
Millie's fur...silky & soft!
Thank you so much for trying our products Renee! We really appreciate it. Jane :green_heart:
Eco Dog Shampoo & Conditioner
Thank you so much! I’d love to see a pic of your dogs, Kathy. Please post on fb (Eco Dog Care Products) or tag us on IG @ecodogcare So glad your pups look both beautiful and healthy! :green_heart: Jane
Excellent cleansing and love the scent!
I am so happy to hear this Elaine! Glad that your pup feels better and that you’re pleased too! Thank you for sharing your experience! Jane (We’d love to see a pic so please tag us on IG (ecodogcare) or share on our FB page (Eco Dog Care Products) :green_heart: Jane